About us

Environmental monitoring professionals at your service

In order to protect and improve the state of our environment, we first need data. And not just any data, but extensive and reliable data. However, implementing continuous measurements reliably and cost-effectively can sometimes be challenging. To solve this, we founded Mittausguru Oy.

Our background

Mittausguru Oy was born out of a passion for continuous environmental measurement. We offer our customers modern, easy-to-use and scalable environmental measurement solutions and related services. We want as many people as possible to be able to use continuous environmental measurements to build a more solid knowledge base on the state of the environment in order to protect it.

In total, our team has over 70 years of experience working with environmental monitoring technologies. We do not represent any individual equipment manufacturers, but always look for a solution that best suits our client’s needs. We openly share our own experiences with new measurement techniques and their strengths and weaknesses.

Our values are:

Responsibility: our measurement solutions play a key role in identifying and solving environmental challenges. We also pay special attention to responsibility in our own operations.

Pioneering: reliable measurement results and the most modern measurement solutions enable the success of customer projects. Measurement solutions and services are easily available through us.

Transparency: we are happy to share information related to continuous environmental measurement and our operations. Openness and reliability encourage new users to join our services. We actively participate in various events and opportunities in the field.

Corporate responsibility

The central goal of our work is to help our customers make decisions based on reliable information to protect the environment and use natural resources sustainably and responsibly. We pay attention to responsibility in our own operations as well, and we expect it from our suppliers as well. We prefer e.g. in the selection of components, European suppliers whose operations comply with EU legislation.


Why online monitoring?
  • A temporally comprehensive knowledge base is a prerequisite for understanding the state of the environment
  • With automatic measurements, changes are noticed in real time
  • A cost-effective way to monitor the environment even in distant locations

Stakeholder cooperation

We want to promote the mainstreaming of continuous measurements in environmental monitoring nationwide. We participate in various industry forums and strive for active interaction with public administration, research institutes and authorities.

We also operate in various cooperation networks with other companies in the field. We are e.g. a member of Mining Finland, a mining business network, and Finnish Water Forum, a water industry association. We believe that an active dialogue between companies will benefit the development of the entire environmental measurement industry.

Collaboration with a goal
  • High quality environmental information available to everyone
  • Active cooperation with authorities, researchers and other stakeholders
  • Primary operating area in Finland