Environmental monitoring made easy

Our monitoring solutions are designed to make customer’s environmental data collection easy and reliable. Monitoring stations can be implemented as turn-key services and we will take care of everything from start to finish. Our installation, maintenance, cloud and expert services are also available as separate services.

Monitoring stations

We manufacture water, weather and ground monitoring stations, that are tailored to the customer’s needs.

Our stations are manufactured in Oulu, Finland. Multiple analog and digital sensors from different manufacturers can be connected to the same station.

Our solutions are designed for 24/7/365 use, even in challenging field conditions. Stations are powered with solar panel and batteries or connected to AC power. Data is wirelessly transferred through GSM/LoRa network. In remote areas, directed antenna can be added to improve the data transfer range.

The reliability of the measurements is very important to us. Technical performance of the stations, such as power supply and data transfer, can be remotely monitored from the cloudservice, where you can also set email alarms based on the data results and station performance.

  • Water level, flow and temperature
  • Water quality: pH, conductivity, turbidity, solids, dissolved oxygen, organic compounds, nitrates and oil in water
  • Ground movements and characteristics: soil moisture, pore pressure, inclination, conductivity and temperature
  • Precipitation, air pressure, humidity, temperature, wind direction and speed and radiation

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Data as a Service

With complete monitoring service, we will take care of the entire process from start to finish. Our experts will help you choose the most suitable parameters and devices. They’ll also pick the most representative locations. We’ll take care of installations, maintenance, quality assurance and reporting.

The monitoring stations are operational during the contract period. The measuring data always remains as property of the customer.

  • No need for equipment investments, you’ll only pay for the data
  • Quality assurance, reporting and other expert services available
  • Maintenance service in a timely manner
  • Quality guarantee

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Reliable installation ensures the long-lasting quality of the measurements. We offer professional installation and deployment services nationwide in Finland and throughout the Nordics.


  • Installation and deployment done by a professional
  • During installation, the client gets guidance for station and sensor maintenance
  • Installations always come with a 12-month warranty

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Reliable measurements require regular and professional maintenance. Required maintenance frequency depends on the monitored parameters and site conditions. Regular maintenance extends the service life of the monitoring station.

  • Complete station maintenance done by a professional
  • Sensor calibration and cleaning
  • Documentation and feedback to the customer
  • Maintenance interval usually 1 or 2 times a year

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Online data service

Mittausguru Cloudservice is a modern online data service for secure monitoring data transfer and versatile data analysis. Collected data is easily viewed in the browser-based software.

Cloud services can be also provided as a tailored environmental information system.

  • Monitoring results with visual graphs
  • API interfaces for flexible integrations
  • Station performance monitoring and automatic alarms

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Consultation for environmental monitoring

Mittausguru will help you in any challenges you face with environmental monitoring. We will make sure you find the most effective combination of monitoring methods and solutions, for example for the purposes of environmental safety and permit applications.

  • Design and drafting of enviromental monitoring plans
  • Comparison of measurement methods and suppliers
  • Consulting services related to environmental monitoring

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